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John Paul Mason
As well as being one of our own Reiki Practitioners, John Paul is a motivational speaker and life coach, currently earning a living as a singer/guitarist. Check out his website for samples of his latest album
Alastair Fiddes Watt
Peter met Alastair in a beautiful Scottish village on the auspicious date of 7/7/07 and struck up a friendship. A very interesting man and from the look of his website, a talented artist!
The Spoon
The Spoon is a regular client of The Edinburgh Reiki Group and his site contains an eclectic mix of writing, often humourous, sometimes insightful, but always thought provoking. Any similarities in his site to this one surely prove that great minds think alike.

Local Businesses

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7th Space
11 Hillside Crescent
John Paul and Peter accepted an invitation in May 2009 to visit 7th Space who are a lovely group of healers working just down the hill from us. They practice Theta Healing, Soul Guidance, Reiki and (their website says) "healing, soul work and workshops to empower you to experience vibrant harmony, healthy vitality and the life you have always dreamed of." Thanks for the cup-cakes!
The Helios Fountain
7 The Grassmarket
0131 229 7884
A very friendly shop and the best place to go in Edinburgh when you're stuck for ideas for a present. The Helios Fountain have a board in their doorway for free advertising and have been very good to us with leaving a Reiki Group flyer up there. Thanks Guys!

Items of Interest

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The Online Twister Caller!

Twister Board
Ever fancied a game of Twister but can't find a spare person to spin the spinner? You need...TWISTER CALLER! Superior to other twister callers because:
  • It exists purely as a webpage, so there's no need to download and install potentially suspect software.
  • It features a large colourful simulation of the twister board - most twister callers only read out the calls without displaying the board.
  • It is fully customisable in terms of the speed of the spinner, the pause between calls and a count down timer to get players into position.
  • As it's browser based, it's not specific to Mac, Unix or Windows.
  • The caller's voice has a lively clear Scottish accent - rather than being flat computer generated speech.
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