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The Edinburgh Reiki Group runs a drop-in healing session at 7pm on a Wednesday night at The Abbeymount Centre which anyone can attend. Generally there are 5 - 7 Reiki healers available and other therapies may be available depending on the practitioners. We ask for a donation of 8 - 10 towards the cost of the room rental and insurance.


We have a small waiting room where you'll be able to have a cup of tea and a chat before your healing session. You'll be asked to put your name in a book, and clients are seen in order of arrival. You'll have a chance to meet your practitioner and ask them any questions you may have. If you've come along with any specific complaint please do inform your practitioner and they'll be able to focus on that during the session. Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off.


The treatment room holds 6 therapy beds and we always have some soft music and candles on. Usually clients lie face up on a bed, and you'll be asked to remove your shoes and anything that might cause discomfort such as glasses, heavy jewellery, etc. The Reiki practitioner will work their way down the body, starting from the head or shoulders and ending at the feet. Often they will focus on the body's Chakra centres, but other areas may receive attention as the practitioner feels is appropriate or upon request. Your Reiki Practitioner will not put their hands anywhere that would make you uncomfortable, and they're even able to work without touch entirely should that be requested.


The treatment takes about half an hour and your practitioner will indicate (often by touching the shoulder) when it's complete. It is suggested that you take your time getting up. After the healing, you'll be able to have a sit down in the waiting room with a (recommended) glass of water.


Please inform your healer if you are diabetic, pregnant or have blood pressure problems. This ensures you'll receive proper assistance in getting up from the treatment couch.
Our last healing session starts at 8pm as we have to have the room cleared by 8:45pm.
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